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With the Moderne community edition, run auto-remediation on millions of lines of open-source code. Experience the full functionality of the product, review transformation recipes, and even issue PRs for our open-source friends
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Best practices in

Moderne automation acts as additional hands safely working in your code and following your existing standards and processes. But where do you start?

Start with the easy stuff.

These remediations can include SAST-type issues, code quality cleanups, tests, and isolated CVEs that can be easily validated through normal CI and testing processes.

Developers are in the driver’s seat.

While automation replaces manual work, developers are still in control of initiating, reviewing, and putting updates through their regular workflows. Moderne makes this easy and fast.

Add auto-remediation
CI gates.

Integrating auto-remediation into existing shift-left workflows enables a remediation to be provided to the developers in pull requests or CI validation.

Run change campaigns en masse.

Get insights into repositories and applicable fixes to help you focus the auto-remediation work. Coordinate change across multiple repositories.

Customize your remediations.

Alongside leveraging open source transformation recipes, build your own that encapsulate the practices your developers want to adopt.

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Work on open-source code.

Use the Moderne Platform along with the Moderne CLI for working with open-source code.

Try out all the Moderne capabilities with full access to OpenRewrite recipes and the ability to search, transform, and analyze code at mass scale. Plus, you can easily customize recipes.

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Moderne Platform

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Work on an organization’s codebase with horizontal scalability.

Use the secure Moderne SaaS Platform along with the Moderne CLI for mass code refactoring and analytics.

Get enterprise-wide code collaboration, visibility, impact analysis, code intelligence dashboards, AI support, and distributed auto-remediation.

The Moderne Platform is offered in a Standard and Enterprise edition—same features but differing implementations.

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Moderne DX

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Work on an organization’s codebase in a fully air-gapped environment.

Use the Modern DX Edition, which includes an on-premises Central Service that integrates with local Moderne CLI instances. 

Get a coordinated developer experience for code refactoring and analysis that offers a shared recipe catalog and consolidated reporting. 

All data stays on-premises.

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Evaluate Moderne
on your own code.

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Moderne offers a light-lift evaluation process that enables you to try the platform on your own code with minimal set-up time. During the evaluation, you’ll be able to make real code commits and get results that will save your developers days, if not weeks, of work.