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The era of mass-scale automated code refactoring is here.

Unlock business productivity and improve your security posture through auto-refactoring and analysis of source code at mass scale. Only with Moderne.

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Who We Are

Better, more secure source code all the time.

Moderne was founded with a singular mission—do the work for software developers that is often the most tedious, time-consuming, and neglected. And solve this problem at the scale needed to improve business productivity across the enterprise.

Our industry reached a tipping point years ago with an explosion of custom applications built faster than ever thanks to third-party and open-source software. The number of security vulnerabilities, code dependencies, and quality issues in these massive, assembled codebases far exceeds the amount of time and people available to address the problems. 

Scanning and search solutions shine a light on all the issues. But remediation has fallen way behind, making code less secure and impossible to maintain manually. Generative AI is taking off, helping individual developers in the sprint to move code forward. But issues continue to brew in existing code—in thousands of places across your enterprise. Until now. 

Moderne is passionate about upending this cycle of inaction through continuous automated refactoring and analysis of source code at scale. We are here to free developers to do the creative work they love that truly makes a difference to businesses and the world.

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Why we Do It

Inventing an automated code refactoring & analysis platform.

After hearing, “Do it for me, and I’m happy to accept the change,” enough times as a member of the engineering tools team at Netflix, Moderne CEO and co-founder, Jonathan Schneider, invented OpenRewrite, an open-source software auto-refactoring tool. 

He was solving a hard problem—how to rewrite the code with accuracy and preserve the original code style so it would be accepted. It came down to the invention of a new data model for code (called the Lossless Semantic Tree) and a rules-based refactoring engine driven by recipes that specify how to rewrite the code. 

OpenRewrite has been proven useful for individual developers in their day-to-day work, but it was clear to Jonathan and Olga Kundzich, Moderne CTO and co-founder, that the technology had broader potential.

That’s when they started thinking of the problem of scale. Billions of lines of code fixed one developer, one repository at a time had its limits. Being able to automate and distribute change across teams and repositories seemed to be the missing link.

Enter Moderne—designed to solve both the technical and cross-team collaboration problems of analyzing and transforming a codebase at mass scale. It runs OpenRewrite recipes across multiple repositories at once, and it also integrates AI models to aid in specific search, analysis, and diagnostic tasks.

Moderne is a place for central teams and developers to get detailed visibility into the codebase, to reason about what needs to be accomplished, and to enact  changes automatically—anywhere and everywhere.

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Moderne leadership team

Jonathan Schneider

Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Jonathan is the visionary who founded OpenRewrite, an open-source auto-refactoring tool, at Netflix and went on to found the Micrometer project as a member of the Spring Team. He was a Senior Software Engineer at Gradle and a Senior Engineering Manager at Pivotal. Jonathan is the author of “SRE with Java Microservices” and a co-author of “Automated Code Remediation: How to Refactor and Secure the Modern Software Supply Chain,” (both from O’Reilly).

Olga Kundzich

Chief Technical Officer & Co-Founder

Olga has extensive experience building enterprise software solutions. Previously, she worked as a technical product manager at Pivotal focused on application delivery and management solutions (e.g., Spinnaker). She was also a lead software engineer and manager at Dell EMC, working closely with enterprise users on implementing data protection practices. Olga is a co-author of “Automated Code Remediation: How to Refactor and Secure the Modern Software Supply Chain” (O’Reilly).

Backed by industry powerhouses

Lead investors

Puneet Agarwal
True Ventures
Nick WashburN
Intel Capital,
Moderne Board of Directors
Robin Vasan
Mango Capital

Investors and advisors

Olivier Pomel
Datadog CEO
Jason Warner
Former GitHub CTO
Paul St. John
Former GitHub Head of Sales
Andy Chou
Former Coverity CTO
John Kodumal
Launch Darkly CTO
Sri Pangulur
Partner @ Tribe Capital
Jason Chan
Former Netflix VP of Security
Colorful, semi-transparent Moderne symbol breaking apart like a puzzleColorful, semi-transparent Moderne symbol breaking apart like a puzzle

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