Enter the new era of auto-remediation of code at scale

Moderne is a revolutionary automated code remediation platform. It does what no other company can—automate the manual work of patching security vulnerabilities, updating dependencies, and migrating frameworks across your codebase.

Unlike traditional SCA and SAST tools that can only report issues, Moderne makes safe, 100% accurate source code changes across 1000s of repositories without disrupting developer flow. It works within your development teams’ priorities and practices to ensure the right changes are done at the right time with the right approvals.

Backed by leaders in language engineering and distributed systems

Jonathan Schneider headshot
CEO & Co-Founder

Founded OpenWrite at Netflix Eng tools
Authored “SRE with Java Microservices”

Olga Kundzich headshot
CTO & Co-Founder

Enterprise Data Protection at EMC
Product Lead for Kubernetes and Spinnaker at Pivotal

Chief Revenue Officer

Led sales at early stage cybersecurity and tech companies
Drove $500M in global revenue and three acquisitions

Moderne is Backed by Industry Leaders

& Investors

Lead Investors

Nick Washburn

Puneet Agarwal

Robin Vasan

Investors & Advisors

Olivier Pomel

Datadog CEO

Jason Warner

Former Github CTO

Paul St. John

Former Github Head of Sales

Andy Chou

Former Coverity CEO

John Kodumal

Launch Darkly CTO

Sri Pangulur

Partner @ Tribe Capital

Jason Chan

Former Netflix VP of Security